Yabwi is the Strategic Advantage of Learning

Yabwi is a learning design company. We create learning strategies to maximize the value of your people, your target market, and your legacy.

Through our uniquely designed curriculum we make complex ideas, practices and processes easier to understand and implement--that's actually the secret to our success. We turn learning into a strategic advantage for executive decision makers and the companies who sell to them.

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Featured Yabwi Workshops

Laws_of_the_Grapevine_Cover-1.jpgThe Laws of the Grapevine: Communication to build relationships rather than just to be heard

Communication habits are the single most important predictor of success. This workshop is designed to help individual leaders and teams develop highly effective communication habits that will transform relationships and the effectiveness of leadership.

Board_Leadership_to_Achieve_Growth_Logo.jpgBoard Leadership to Achieve Growth

The best boards (whether non-profit or for-profit) model the utmost in effective planning, training, execution, communication, and accountability. This workshop is tailored to each organization type, addressing the challenges of sustainable governance and outstanding results.

Consultative_Business_Officer_Logo.pngThe Consultative Business Officer

The business office must be a vital part of the process of improving performance and results. How can you transition from budget gatekeepers to internal consultants who are deeply trusted? Learn how to build relationships throughout the organization that foster collaboration and maximize productivity.


Personal & Corporate Legacy


Executives agree that maintaining a strong reputation for generosity contributes to brand value, but they are unsure of how to measure the ROI and how to maximize and leverage the asset of legacy.  Advancing K-12 and higher education is a top priority for many and we’ve created powerful ways to engage educators and community leaders in a process for growth and improvement. We provide opportunities for sponsorship and dialogue to inspire innovation in education.

Collaborative Marketing Alliances


The CMA is our feature service that delivers a process for sustaining long-term, profitable relationships between strong companies in pursuit of the same target market. Ecosystem business development is a huge advantage in this economy. By joining this elite group of corporate allies you will achieve accelerated sales growth, personalized leadership development, unmatched market intelligence, and brand appreciation from corporate social responsibility and community impact.