LA_Lab_July_15_Ray.jpgProfessional Development

Your capacity to learn faster and more effectively is a sustainable competitive advantage and extremely valuable asset. Well-designed instructional experiences can also be used to cultivate much deeper relationships with people within your organization and in your target market. 

We have created unique learning experiences that inspire people and transform culture, and our learning strategists can also work with you to develop an engagement strategy through specially designed curriculum and experiences that extend your value proposition and relationships. You have a wealth of expertise and resources than may be combined into a curriculum strategy to engage your employees or clients. 

We offer three core formats for professional development (Workshops, Labs, and Retreats), and we can design a program of learning that is customized for your purposes.


Yabwi Workshops he combine a variety of books, resources, and research to achieve the skills development that is critical for your success. These workshops include key areas of leadership such as communication, change management, culture building, talent engagement, and so much more. We use advanced, interactive instructional strategies that are delivered both online or in live sessions for practical application of innovative best practices.
- The Laws of the Grapevine: Communication habits to build relationships not just to be heard
- Board Leadership to Achieve Greatness
- The Consultative Business Officer
- Supervisory Coaching & Mentoring for Optimal Results
- Effectively Dealing With Difficult People & Conversations
- Maximizing Motivation & Engagement


Yabwi Labs are intensive learning experiences that are designed to activate rapid results. There’s no faster way to improve the quality of your leadership and achieve momentum-building success. If you have a longer-term strategic plan, a Lab is an ideal way to "chunk" or break it down into actionable initatives that enable you to learn more accurately, test your assumptions, and adjust your value proposition. Each of our Labs is designed to guide you through key decision points that will help you achieve your goals while also strengthening your leadership skills and capacity to grow. 
- Innovation LabTransform the culture of your organization through a learning experience that will produce real results, real fast. We combine tactical planning with innovation and communiation training to help you achieve remarkable success. 
- Safety LabWhether you're a business, school, or church, improving safety and security is a top priority. roduce tangible progress for campus safety. This is the fastest and easiest way to make better decisions for your organization to reduce risk and increase confidence.
- Talent LabThe quality of your leadership team and employees will determine your growth trajectory. Advance your Talent Quotient and HR strategy through this intensive training and planning.  


Does your board and/or leadership team need some time away to recharge, rebuild, and reunite? A well-designed retreat provides a safe place to renew relationships, consider barriers to success, prepare for anticipated obstacles, and equip your people for the road ahead. Our Retreats provide a unique combination of relationship building, leadership training, and organizational planning. We’ve developed different experience modules that are tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Our team does all of the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best.

Coaching & Mentoring

Overcoming the obstacles and learning curves of leadership is much easier when you have an independent perspective with experienced insight. We provide online and live monthly sessions for leadership development and strategy implementation. Coaching is collaborative, nuanced, contextual, purposeful, and most importantly, actionable. Yabwi coaching sessions provide the direction and accountability required to develop innovative, critical thinkers who are more effective leaders.