The Consultative Business Officer is a Game Changer

Posted by Scott Barron on Feb 14, 2016 10:53:19 PM
Scott Barron
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Consultative_Business_Officer_Logo.pngHave you ever heard of The Consultative Business Officer (CBO)? No? Well this person can be a critical part of any organization to achieve sustainable growth. This person is very different from the traditional CFO/COO/Business Manager/etc. What makes the CBO unique is his/her commitment to the mission and leaders of the organization, serving as an internal consultant that enables greatness. 

The CBO is a uniquely gifted business expert who can speak the language of the organization, of accounting, and of the target market to guide the program through times of prosperity and struggle. Like Clark Kent, this special leader possesses unusual talents for overcoming major obstacles combined with the humility to listen, prepare, solve, and explain. By acting as a strategy consultant, financial coach, and value narrator, the CBO connects the people and the dots to sustain momentum and success.

Strategy Consultant

The Consultative Business Officer establishes credibility as a strategy consultant by appropriately engaging the various levels of leadership in dialogue that addresses the key issues. Success favors the organization with the culture and processes to support strategic discipline and productive innovation. It's not enough to be the same place as yesteryear--what's needed is a balance between long-term preparation combined with short-term productivity and adjustments. Because of his/her integrity, reliability and remarkable wisdom to recommend effective solutions, the CBO is welcomed at the times when important decisions are made.

Financial Coach

The CBO is a financial coach, coordinating the data, people, resources and activities needed to keep everyone focused and on target. Advice and decisions are given in light of the mission, keeping the focus on creating an outstanding experience for employees, clients, and other stakeholders. This leader is especially strong in understanding the business model and innovation cycles, has distinct expertise in developing and sustaining a collaborative team, can maximize the performance of self and others, balances multiple and sometimes competing priorities, and always keeps the people as a higher priority than the numbers. Understanding that many managers don't speak GAAP, the CBO learns the language of these internal clients and creates relevant dialogue that engages them.

Value Narrator

The Consultative Business Officer is especially adept at converting data into story. Rather than using raw financial statements to inform, effort is made to craft a narrative around the strategy and results to build trust and confidence. The CBO recognizes his/her influence on the brand of the organization, and delivers messages that can be more easily shared to build energy and enthusiasm.

By all accounts, the CBO is truly a blessing to any organization, producing an ROI that continues to appreciate.

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